hhhhhhello! 🙃


Name your price and I mail you a DREADFUL CURSE! 🙃


10000% Haunted items, 25% Fresher garuntee. No other items as Monstrous or Horrifying in this plane of existence. Bc I have obviously stolen them from the other ones to give 2 u. You will be cursed. Ur enemies will be cursed. All will be destroyed. But your place will look nice!


Past Winners:

NOT CURSED Teapot Key ring +2 cuteness

Wand of Sightless Horror (Definately Cursed)

Cat Wand of Lolth

Irrefutible proof that celebrity Alan Thicke is Time Traveling Ghost 


🙃 RRRead dd..// y 2 PLaay?! 🙃


Price Point
  • What the hecky? You can't return a curse. That's not how this works. 


ur weLc0m :)

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