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Who's this? It's @TheFinalBam!

What do they provide?

Slice of Life entertainment:

Me, my partners, and ESPERANZA, the beautiful cat of wonder-- take a peek into the beautiful life I've built for myself based on love, acceptance, and freedom. 


I love the sleepy sleep times and tingles. I hope I can make real life a bit more cosy for you.


I do that. Traditional, Digital, Vocal performance, Makeup, Fashion, Cosplay, Writing and Video Game development. There's not much I won't dip my toes in for amusement-- whether successful or not, YOLOOOOOOOO.


Those are free. ;)

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Booker Avery.

a different kinda cat.

I don't think it's a brag to be different. Honestly, I think we're all pretty much the same. It's just our programming that leads us to believe otherwise.

Programming is something I fight every day-- to break free from, to be a part of-- because how do we communicate with each other? By sharing what we watch and consume: each other.

What is authenticity? What is a human like, stripped of artifice, agenda? How do we live a life beneath the crushing heel of endless supposition and lies? What does it really mean to be free?

I'm not. You probably aren't either. So why the moral imperative to hate ourselves? Beings reconstructed of stardust, imbued with the flow of life, you are beautiful and you are alive. Do not begrudge yourself for living in the only channels provided. Only you have the tools you need to hack your brain to peace. 

Anyway, you want to know about me, right?

Well, I have so many names I can't keep them straight (nor anything else) anymore, but I like Booker Avery. In years past I might have laid bare my suffering to bolster my credibility, but I don't allow those things more space and credence than they already take from my life. If you follow, you will know. Trauma subsists and abates like waves. It will always be there, but it won't be the frame of my life.

I want to be free, so I've given myself permission. I hope you will too.

The Internet Presence:

Right now I'm focused mostly on Tiktok as @thefinalbam, but stay tuned as I add more!

(I'm still editing this site teehee)